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Heavenly Fitness Timetable

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Please note that when you book there are NO TRANSFERS OR REFUNDS - there are no exceptions 
* = limited space MUST be booked (see booking page)

Memberships are available (see home page for link) there is no contract but all memberships are by DD - no joining fee but if you cancel and rejoin within 4 months we will charge you a rejoining fee to cover admin- membership are not a month on and month off option and run from the 1st of the month to the end of the month- Colour relate to membership types,
Red = conditioning, Blue = Yoga / Pilates (also get red classes), Green = Aerial classes (also get red classes)

January Timetable - BOOK ONLINE

See prices at bottom of page - please note drop in and booked less than 2 hours is £1 higher so book in advance to get the best deal (online or in person)


9.30-10.30am         *     Aerial Hoop all levels 
11.00-12 00am       *     Mum & Baby Yoga Stretch & Strengthen

6.15-7.00pm           *     Boogie Bounce Party
7.00-8.00pm                 TOTALLY Kick Ass Aerobics 

7.00-8.00pm           *    Aerial Yoga in Hammocks 
8.15-9.15pm           *    Aerial Hoop mixed ability - all welcome
8.15-9.15pm                 Pilates - Beginners / Improvers 


9.30-10.25am         *    Stretch 
10.30-11.45am       *    Pole Fitness mixed ability 

6.30-7.15pm           *    Abs Butts Thighs
7.00-8.00pm                 Yoga
7.15-8.30pm           *    Pole levels 4 and above 
8.00-9.00pm           *    Yoga Beginners
8.30-9.30pm           *    Pole BEGINNERS 


9.30-10.30am          *    Aerial Fitness /  Yoga in hammocks
10.45-11.45am        *    Aerial Hoop TASTER all levels welcome 2nd Jan ONLY
10.45-11.45am        *    Personal Training available

6.15-7.15pm            *   Aerial Hoop
7.00-8.30pm            *   Ashtanga Yoga
7.30-8.30pm                 Pilates
8.30-9.30pm            *   Aerial Fitness / Yoga in hammocks
8.30-9.30pm            *   Restorative / Yin Yoga with Helen 


10.30-11.45am       *   Pole Fitness Mixed Ability
6.30-7.15pm           *   Stretch
7.15-8.00pm           *   Boogie Bounce X-Treme 
7.00-8.15pm           *   Pole Level 2 and 3 
8.15-9.00pm                Easy Aero Tone (aimed at 50+ but all welcome) 
8.15-9.15pm           *   Pole Tasters 10th and 17th January
8.30-9.30pm           *   Circus Fit 24th and 31st Jan only


7.00-8.00pm           * Hot Yoga - 4th January ONLY (first Friday of the month)



9.30-10.30am        *   Pre Natal Yoga -
10.45- 11.45am     *   Aerial Hoop all levels - everyone welcome
7.00-8.30pm          *   Gong Bath  - 9th Feb and 9th March


5.00-6.00pm          *   Pole Beginners - starts January
6.00-7.15pm          *   Pole levels 2 and 3 only
6.30-7.45pm          *   Yin Yoga - 20th January ONLY
7.15-8.30pm          *   Pole levels 4 and above 

* = Booking advisable

Pay as you go Prices (Booked online) - most classes are 7 for the price of 6 online - memberships available - pay on the day or booked less than 2 hours before start time £1 more on all classes

Please see what to wear and be on time for your class

Suspension Training/Boogie Bounce                  £7.00

Beginners Yoga / Yin Yoga                                £7.50

Hot Yoga   / Hot stretch                                    £10 

Pilates / Pre Natal                                            £8.50

Ashtanga Yoga    (90 minutes)                          £8.50

Aerial Hoop (single class)                                  £15 a class evenings
Aerial Hoop (6 week block)                                £72 evenings

Kick Ass Aerobics / Easy Aerotone / ABT             £6.50

Pole Beginners 6 week course                            £60 or you can book single classes

Pole levels 2 and higher (single class)               £15 a class 
Pole level 2 and higher (4 week block)              £50
Pole level 2 and higher (8 week block)               £95 evenings 

Aerial Stretch/Fitness (hammocks)                    £12 evening and £10 daytime                                                           

Personal Training Sessions with Jane                  Peak times £45 / Off Peak £35 per person*

 * = Must be booked and paid for at time of booking - we do not offer transfers / refunds for missed classes / PT Sessions


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