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Personal Training in Maidstone Kent

For general health, weight loss, muscle gain, exercise motivation and accountability, general toning, specific fitness goals (like wanting to do a pull up or trying something aerial), or maybe you are new to exercise and just want to make sure you are doing things right. Or maybe you would like to try one of our Aerial or Pole experiences but don't want to join a class?  I am here for you. I am a qualified Personal Trainer with many years’ experience.

One to one training for you either at the studio or online 

During our lockdowns one to one online has become the new normal and I am very happy to train you online via Zoom. You will not need equipment unless you want to invest in some weights or a band. 

For best results I need to be able to see you clearly

Online, we can do Pilates exercises for deep ,core training, stretching to improve flexibility, HIIT & body weight exercises give a good all over workout and I can set you tasks for time we are not together. I can give you access to my online library of workouts as well. We can talk about your diet and eating habits. If you complete an honest food diary, I will look and give feedback and advise you on changes you can make to feel healthier. 

At the studio I have weights, mats, aerial equipment, TRX and more and I like to mix things up. Expect to work hard, but also enjoy our sessions. I love to get to know my clients and think of you as friends.

  Peak Off Peak
Sessions for 1 person £45 £35
Sessions for 2 people £80 £70
Sessions for 3 people Peak £90 (£30 pp) £80 (£26 pp)
For 4 or more people see party page
10 session 2 people* £600 £400
10 session 2 people* £600 £400
  • All sessions expire after 16 weeks and must be paid for upfront.
  • No refunds or extensions on time.
  • The 2 people that start the training can not change and extra people can not join without charge.
  • No children at the studio while you are working out
  • I need 48 hours to reschedule an appointment. After this time, the session will be lost. Please appreciate this is my job and when you cancel, it leaves me with a time that often I can not rebook someone into. This rules applies to everyone and for every reason.
  • Peak times are weekends and evenings (after 5pm)
  • Off Peak all other times 
  • Sessions are one hour unless otherwise state

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