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Pole Fitness Classes in Maidstone Kent

Pole is for everyone.

A great workout. Great for body confidence, all over fitness and toning, core and upper body strengthening, coordination, will make you smile and feel great and is a very sociable class. Lots of our girls have made some really good friends in Pole classes. Everyone is very supportive of each other. All ages welcome. We have ladies from 14 to 60+.

Most of our Pole classes are Pole Fitness. These will include a warm up and conditioning section of the class, some spins, and some pole moves and tricks, combos and then a cool down stretch.

For the Pole Fitness classes you will need shorts and a crop or vest top. Check the levels of the classes when you book as some are levels specific, like beginners, or advanced.

We do also have Sassy Pole (pole heels optional) if you want to do sexy style Pole. Dress however you like. You can dress up or down for the class. All levels welcome.

Contemporary Pole class is with Mr UK Pole Dance, Sam King. This class is bare feet or socks and most weeks you would be fine in leggings. Sam describes this class as camp and fun dancing to some of his favourite tunes.

All classes are pre booked only and we are not sharing poles so you can be sure you will have lots of pole time.

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