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Aerial Hoop & Static Trapeze Fitness in Maidstone Kent

These classes are so much fun and a great workout too. We can adapt them to suit all levels of fitness and body shapes so do not worry about being the new one in class. We love beginners. Be sure to bring your phone to get some great pictures.

You will learn some moves in and under the hoop/ Trapeze to start and then link them together into a routine. 

We suggest you wear leggings to protect the backs of your knees and a fitted top that won’t be flapping around your head of you go upside down.

You may get bruises in these classes. We prefer to call them badges of honour as you will earn them. 

Hoop and Trapeze are great for all over fitness and will help improve body confidence, core and upper body strength and are good mood boosters.

Our instructors are all lovely, fully qualified, and experienced. 

Book this class using a class pack or membership for best value. Or just buy a single class if you prefer.

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