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Parties / Gatherings / Large Group

Birthday, Hen gathering or just a fun way to catch up with friends.

This is exclusive use of the studio with an instructor (or maybe 2 instructors).



  • For 7's and under we recommend one hour sessions 
  • We suggest a free play session so they can try out lots of things
  • Trapeze, Aerial Hoops, Aerial silks and Hammocks. 
  • You would have instructors to run the session but we suggest that some parents also stay to help out the little ones
  • For 8's and over you can certainly have an hour but more structures. We would teach a lesson using the equipment
  • For a  one hour session you would choose either Aerial Hoop, Silks or Aerial hammocks 
  • If you wanted to try more than one discipline you would need slightly longer, 90 minutes
  • Minimum charge of £120 for an hour or £170 for 90 minutes
    or £18pp for one hour
  • £25pp for 90 minutes
  • Maximum numbers permitted in the room is 18
  • No food permitted - this is just the activity session (I can suggest local places to eat after your party)

Adults (aged 17 plus)

  • Fun, Fitness and facing your fears! 
  • Bungee, Pole, Aerial Hoop, Aerial silks, Aerial Sling, or hammocks 
  • For one hour pick one discipline. For 90 minutes you can pick 2
  • If you would like to try out more you would need 2 hours
  • Minimum charge of £120 per hour for a group of 4 or more  - 3 people or less would be considered personal training / small groups 
  • Minimum charge of £170 for 90 minutes
  • Min charge of £200 for 2 hours
  • One hour sessions are £25pp (see minimum charge for small numbers)
  • 90 minutes sessions £35pp - this is the most popular choice 
  • 2 hour sessions £45pp

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