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Bungee Fitness in Maidstone Kent

How exciting can exercise get? We are still the only studio offering Bungee fitness in the South East.

Suitable for all adults. You will be wearing a harness around your waist and legs and then attached to a bungee cord that is attached to our incredibly special ceiling. The Bungees are colour coded for weight, so we give you the correct cord for your size.

The class consists of running, jumping, leaping, and generally moving around pulling against the bungee. Handstand in the Bungee? No problem. It will make you smile, and you may be surprised with how much of an aerobic workout this can be. Great for general fitness and fat burning.

Work at your own pace in this low impact workout . We welcome all levels of fitness and body shapes. Our only restriction will be the harnesses which only go up to 42 inch waists.

We do not currently teach children Bungee.

Classes are 45 minutes and the harnesses can be uncomfortable so wear leggings and big knickers or shorts underneath.

Private sessions are available for one person or groups.

Sessions of 3 people would be £90 and 4 people are £120 per session, and one to 2 people please refer to the personal training page for price, or to the party page for bigger groups

You can buy a single class or for best value use a class pack or membership.

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