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Silks & Sling Fitness in Maidstone Kent

Both silks and Sling are fabric classes and they do have similarities. You would need to wear leggings(no zips) and a t shirt – unitards/ leotards, or all in ones are popular as they keep your middle section covered as they can get fabric burns. Socks are needed for Sling.


Hangs from a single point and are long pieces of fabric that reach the floor and beyond. As a beginner you may learn moves with the fabric tied in a knot as well as foot locks and climbs. You will make pretty shapes and leave wanting more. A challenging workout but worth the effort.


The sling hangs from a single point and can spin around. The sling is a hammock (like aerial Yoga but on a single point instead of 2 points). You will be learning moves on the sling and will be flowing through a sequence to create a lovely string of moves. Suitable for all levels.

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