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Equipment Hire in Maidstone Kent

Studio Hire - Includes equipment, Mirrors, stereo, and air con / heating if required.

Studio Hire

The Pole / Photography / Aerial Studio can be hired out for private practise at £30 per hour

I would put up the equipment you require and also take back down again

Poles, both spin and static and 40's and 45's Brass, Stainless steel and Chrome.  Aerial Hoops, Hammocks, Silks, Trapeze, Aerial Wheel, Aerial Sphere, Slings

You would need to take responsibility for your own safety and warm ups etc. 

This is not available for hire for teaching anything Heavenly Fitness already teaches

Additional charge for back drop for photography (we have white and grey)

The Yoga / Dance Studio can be hired for £30 an hour for private practise or classes, or £25 for a personal trainer to use to teach their own clients.

Please note any damage would need to be paid for and any excess mess, above what i would expect for a normal class, and needs to be sorted out by the hirer

If you leave the air con on, there will be additional charges 

All hire payable in advance. 

Equipment Hire

R Pole Play This is a portable freestanding Static Pole with legs (Pole can be pink or chrome) 

Lightweight and easy to assemble - great for the garden (must be kept dry)

Weekend hire (2 days) or 3 days in the week, £80 (£10 extra for  a mat) 

Deposit required for damage £300 can be taken on card and refunded when returned

R Pole Stage This is still a Freestanding R pole Static but the base is more substantial and flatter

The surface would need to be flat (not grass) 

Very stable - we used these Pole for teaching classes before we had Heavenly 

Weekend Hire £90 or 3 days in the week (£10 extra for a mat)

Deposit required

X Stage Lite I can confirm although this is a "lite" Pole and is 10Kg lighter than the original X Pole stage, it is heavy and substantial. 

Base is flat and hard, suitable for heels if required 1600mm circular stage (5'3")

Stage folds and fits into bags - 6 panels lock into place - no tools needed

Pole is in 2 pieces and fits together - 3 Metres height - although I do have a shorter alternative

Approx weight of entire Pole is 65kg and is in several carrying devices. 

Weekend Hire £100 (48 hours) 1 week hire £200

£350 deposit required 

You would need to pick and and drop back to Heavenly Fitness at times arranged. Charges for lateness and damage.

Lollipop X Stage lite (Hoop on a Pole)

2 different heights available 

The Hoop is a 90 

See the X stage lite details 

Weekend Hire / or 3 days during the week) £130 / 1 week hire £230 plus deposit required 

A Frame for Aerial Hoop/ Fabric

Quite easy to set up but does require height so needs to be outside or in very high room

Weekend or 3 days in the week £50 

I can also hire a Hoop for extra charge or £30- we have child sizes or 90's. 95's or bigger 

Smaller hoops are easier as you have more space on the sides

I would suggest you use a mat (£10 charge) 

Deposit required.

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