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What to wear & bring

Bring water in a plastic bottle or we do have water here to buy. It is sensible to bring a towel to put on the mats for hygiene reasons - we do provide mats but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. If you do sweat a lot then please mop up after yourself using your towel

Aerial Yoga / Aerial Hammocks / Silks

Please wear socks, leggings or joggers and a T shirt (NO VEST TOPS) so the tops of your arms are covered. No zips on any clothing, check leggings as lots of running leggings have sips either at the bottom of the legs or at the back of the bums.  Full length leggings are best. Please note tights are not leggings and I respectfully ask that you are covered. You will need to remove all sharp jewellery so they do not "snag" the hammocks and silks. Please do not wear strong perfumes or heavy make up / recent fake tans to class, as they transfer onto the hammocks. If you are a beginner you MUST arrive on time - if you are late you will not be permitted to attend the class (for safety reasons) and the class will be forfeited. If you do come to class but have zips on clothing you will not be able to ta take part
If you arrive and are not dressed appropriatly (arms pits covered) you will not be able to take part in the class.



You can wear trainers for the warm up and then bare feet. You can wear normal fitness wear, and shorts are necessary when you start to climb the pole (not denim shorts). We ask you not to wear jewellery and belly rings need to be covered. You should also bring a small hand towel to wipe the pole and your hands in-between moves to keep the poles clean and non slip. 

Aerial Hoop

Leggings, tight full length, leg warmers for protection on backs of knees or wear 2 pairs of leggings, can wear socks to start off, optional trainers for the warm up

Pole Silks 

Pole shorts and a T shirt to cover the tops of your arms, bare feet

Pole Flow/ Floor work or Routine classes

Can be done in socks or bare feet. Shoes are optional - Pleasers or similar as these are made for pole classes. Most of these type of classes do not require shorts but they can still be worn


Leggings, T shirt , bare feet - no jewellery or hand creams


Bare feet and comfortable clothes, joggers, leggings etc. If you are coming to Hot Yoga please supply your own mat or bring a towel to lay on top of our mats 


Bare feet or socks and comfortable clothes - joggers, leggings are great.

Bungee Fitness

Very clean indoor Trainers or bare feet and suitable exercise clothes. (sports bra). You will be wearing a harness. Cycle shorts can help with discomfort 

All other classes

Please do wear suitable exercise clothes and trainers.

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